Young Israel of Cherry Hill is an orthodox synagogue located on the West side of Cherry Hill that has been servicing the Cherry Hill Jewish community since 1996. With a strong love for Torah values, Young Israel of Cherry Hill aims to enrich the lives of the Jewish community with thought provoking shiurim, unbelievable programming and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

      With the auspicious leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld, we are united in the service of Hashem and embrace the unique character and attributes of each member. We are one congregation, part of one people, serving one G-d b'simcha and b’ahavah. Through unification without uniformity, we are all one -  Kulanu K'echad.

We are:

  •  A shul that is fun and engaging

We believe that the practice of Judaism should be fun and upbeat! We are determined to maintain a shul in which davening, learning and growing together is a positive and enjoyable experience.

  • An incubator for spiritual growth

We encourage our members to suggest, initiate and manage innovative programming to advance Torah, mitzvos and acts of chesed. We take pride in our passion to grow and welcome great ideas!

  • A  community that feels like a family  

We run a wide array of events and activities for all ages because spending time together and enjoying one another’s company is what defines who we are.




NEWSLETTER: sponsored by Nosson Stobezki in memory of his maternal grandparents Mr. Avrohom Schnall Z'L & Mrs. Rose Schnall A"H. Their Neshamot should have an Aliyah.

KIDDISH: sponsored by Duke McCarthy. All glory, honor, majesty, praise, and blessings to the Only One True all Powerful G-d in Heaven and Earth! May He continue to lead, guide, and bless His holy and chosen people, the Jewish People for all good things for the good!! Especially Young Israel of Cherry Hill and Families, Please Amen! Shabbat Shalom! Baruch Hashem! Please, amen!!

Kiddish is also sponsored by Yehuda Leib Liberman is sponsoring kiddish in honor of his wife, who became a real estate agent in Israel and is helping Jews come back to Israel or invest in it. Also, he wants to honor his son, Avraham, who learned the names of all of the mishnayos through a song. We miss you all!


MAZEL TOV: Aaron and Shira and the entire Roller & Rosenbaum mishpacha on the birth of a baby boy! Mazel Tov to grandparents Mindy and Jonathan Roller and Lydia and Jesse Rosenbaum.