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Bikur Cholim Room

Second floor Pavilion immediately to the right of the main elevator bank.

There is a keypad entry. 


To access press C to clear the padlock then enter 5412. Turn the knob to the right and it should open (may take a couple of tries). On the inside - on left wall there is a hole- put your hand in and unlock the hook to open the left door!


Inside will be kosher items which are maintained weekly.

There is a hot water kettle- on all the time- with tea and instant coffee. 

Snacks, meals in the refrigerator, prayer books, kiddush cups, light up candles, and many other necessities to sustain visitors and patients at Cooper.

There are some other basic necessities i.e. phone chargers and cords.

To close, shut the door and turn the knob to the left and hit C to clear the padlock.


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