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Longstanding beloved community members for the past 14 years, Isaac is a cardiologist with Cooper Heart Institute, and Amy is a stay-at-home-mom who has also served as President of the Politz Parents Association. Isaac and Amy’s personal popularity within the community is testament to their core characteristics of friendship and loyalty.


Isaac and Amy see Young Israel as a friendly place to daven, learn, meet up with friends, and gain emotional support. Amy has served as the Head of the Youth Committee, on the Building Committee and the Programming Committee. They are always looking to identify a need, get involved and introduce solutions that make a difference to our kehilla.


Isaac and Amy have led the way in communal activism, serving the shul any way they can; financially, by contributing brainpower, manpower, and even, as their 5 children will attest, kidpower.


The Halickman family is a huge part of the warmth, familiarity, and sense of family that pervades our congregation. We are grateful to have them in our midst.

Dr Issac & Amy Halickman

Dr Issac & Amy Halickman

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