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Shmuel and Batya Gluck view Young Israel as a place where individuals truly make a difference, and where people have the freedom to grow in a supportive environment. Most of all, they appreciate Young Israel for its trademark warmth and intangible sense of family. After relocating from Brooklyn, NY in 2012, Shmuel and Batya became passionate advocates for the Cherry Hill community, and have been instrumental in starting the current wave of re-growth at Young Israel.


Shmuel is a Project Manager for Itron, Inc, where he directs distributed energy management programs. He holds a Bachelors in Finance from Touro College, where he graduated Cum Laude. Growing up he was shown the importance of community and shul involvement by his father, Peretz, who was instrumental in the building of a large shul in Brooklyn, and served as the shul Treasurer for over 25 years.  Shmuel lead an effort by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation where he ran events throughout the Brooklyn, NY region. Shmuel has a history of activism in the Cherry Hill community where he has served as a Politz Day School board member, and an NCSY mentor of the Jewish Scholars Program. Following in his father’s footsteps, at Young Israel, he has served as the Treasurer, and currently serves the shul as Membership Chair and House Chair. Shmuel is passionate about building a community and serving the klal.


Batya is currently practicing dentistry in the Southern New Jersey area.  She holds a BBA in Advertising and Marketing from Pace University, where she graduated Suma Cum Laude, and earned her DDS degree from NYU.  Batya’s family is active in Jewish affairs throughout the NY area, which fueled her passion for advocating for the Jewish people. At Pace University, Batya served as the Vice President of the Hillel chapter, where she brought many Aish Hatorah programs to her school and served as a Birthright Israel leader for many students.  In dental school, Batya served as the President of the Alpha Omega Jewish Dental Fraternity, where her passion for Jewish affairs was paramount. Batya is the current Chair of the Young Israel New Building fundraising team. She is also a volunteer for the community Mikvah, is an active board member of Politz Day School of Cherry Hill, constantly opens her home to out-of-town guests, and has been on the planning committees of numerous local events - in between practicing as a dentist.


From the very beginning, the couple committed themselves to the growth of the Cherry Hill community, joining a group of families who sparked the renaissance of Young Israel and attracting new families to the area. For the Glucks, Young Israel is the perfect place for their family. Aside from the shul’s warmth, energy, and achdus, it has also provided them with countless opportunities to contribute their talents and make a deep impact on the larger community.  In 2015, Shmuel and Batya’s dedication to the shul was recognized with the Yad B’Yad Award for communal activism.  


Batya and Shmuel have given so much to Cherry Hill, but they feel that their involvement has rewarded them with much more: the gift of connection with their fellow community members and the larger Jewish community.


Shmuel and Batya are the proud parents of four children; Shalhevet, Peretz, Tehila, and Rachel. They hope to set an example for their children while working to mold the environment in which their children will grow. To Shmuel and Batya, giving to the community means being a part of a bright future.


We thank them deeply for all their hard work and dedication.

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