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Lee and Vicky are first and foremost the proud parents of their two children, Raquel and Zeke, the proud parents-in-law of son-in-law Roey, and proud grandparents of 18-month old Haviv (cheeks available for pinching upon request).


Vicky grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and has been a resident of the Cherry Hill community for 25 years. Lee is a local from the East side of Cherry Hill. They moved to the West side and joined Young Israel in 2017.


Lee is our former board member and Treasurer and currently serves as Co-Chair of YI building committee and Head of YI House Committee. He also serves the CH Community Kollel as Treasurer and the Foxman Torah Institute as Treasurer and Board member.


For Lee and Vicky, YI is the fun, frum, friendly shul where they daven, learn and make friends. They are grateful for the extraordinary blessing of our beloved Rabbi and Rebbetzin Bienenfeld, whose dynamic leadership, energy and passion for growth is an inspiration.  

Vicky & Lee Cohen

Vicky & Lee Cohen

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