You don’t need to make a lot of noise to have a big impact and the Blumbergs are living proof of that. Chaim is our Baal Koreh and Treasurer and Shani serves on the Programming Committee. Together, they are a part of the vibrant force that defines our lay leadership.


For Chaim and Shani, Young Israel is more than just a shul. It is a community where members inspire one another to achieve more. It is also a hub of ongoing activity and inspiration where every week, they and their family receive a spiritual shot in the arm.


The Blumbergs’ activism stems from their belief that every member should view Young Israel as his/her own personal investment opportunity. Every chance to help is a chance to nab amazing returns. No job is too small or insignificant, and the shul thrives when we all pitch in.


Chaim and Shani are the proud parents of Reuven, 14, Bayla, 11, and Rami, 6. They have been a part of the Cherry Hill community for 4 years.


Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld, Rabbi of YI                                             

Ari Miller, President

Lee Cohen, 1st Vice President

Shmuel Gluck, 2nd Vice President

Shimon Pichette, Treasurer

Benjamin Kamienny, Financial Secretary

Rivka Jungreis, Secretary

Amy Halickman, At-large Board member

Natalie Horowitz, At-large Board member

Dovid Levy, At-large Board member

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