Young Israel of Cherry Hill is an orthodox synagogue located on the West side of Cherry Hill that has been servicing the Cherry Hill Jewish community since 1996. With a strong love for Torah values, Young Israel of Cherry Hill aims to enrich the lives of the Jewish community with thought provoking shiurim, unbelievable programming and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

      With the auspicious leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld, we are united in the service of Hashem and embrace the unique character and attributes of each member. We are one congregation, part of one people, serving one G-d b'simcha and b’ahavah. Through unification without uniformity, we are all one -  Kulanu K'echad.

We are:

  •  A shul that is fun and engaging

We believe that the practice of Judaism should be fun and upbeat! We are determined to maintain a shul in which davening, learning and growing together is a positive and enjoyable experience.

  • An incubator for spiritual growth

We encourage our members to suggest, initiate and manage innovative programming to advance Torah, mitzvos and acts of chesed. We take pride in our passion to grow and welcome great ideas!

  • A  community that feels like a family  

We run a wide array of events and activities for all ages because spending time together and enjoying one another’s company is what defines who we are.



Elegant Table

Candle Lighting April 3/ 10 Nissan: 7:08 pm



Due to Coronovirus concerns, kiddush and shalosh seudos are suspended until further notice.


SHUL CLOSURE: In an effort to curtail the spread of coronovirus, the shul is closed until further notice. 

Click here for Rabbi's message.


  • It is imperative that we do our part in helping to slow the spread of the virus, which continues to claim victims. We are all beginning to feel cooped up but it remains critical that we continue to practice social distancing. Please avoid get togethers of any kind, do not extend invitations for Shabbos meals, and limit errands to only those that are truly essential.

  • For anyone more susceptible to the effects of coronavirus, including individuals over 65 years of age, anyone with immunity deficiency, or other risk factors, we would like to create a system to help you avoid supermarkets. Please fill out the form at this link if you would benefit from such assistance, or if you would be willing to volunteer.

  • It is likely that the need to avoid get togethers will extend into Pesach. This includes friends and neighbors within the community as well as family members who live elsewhere. Should the recommendation come Pesach be that we must continue to maintain distance, I implore you to take those recommendations seriously and not put yourself, your guests, or the rest of the community at risk in the interest of enjoying the company of others at the Sedarim or other seudos. Please begin making alternate plans for Pesach now so that you not be caught unawares as Yom Tov draws near.

  • Though it is ideal for the Rav to perform a transaction (kinyan sudar) with each individual he will represent in selling the chametz to a non-Jew, a series of such individual interactions is ill-advised this year. We will instead rely upon the filling out of the mechiras chametz form to serve as adequate authority being given to sell the chametz. Please fill the form out and either email it to me at or drop off a hard copy in my mailbox at home.

  • Approximately 2,500 troops are being deployed to help handle the coronavirus crisis in Israel. Herb Rosin is helping to organize an effort to help provide troops with pizza. All proceeds go directly to purchase the pizza, with no overhead. If you would like to help sponsor, please send your donation to Herb at


Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld, Rabbi of YI                                             

Ari Miller, President

Chaim Blumberg, 1st Vice President

                                Financial Secretary

Natalie Horowitz, 2nd Vice President

                               Programming Financial Secretary

Lee Cohen, Treasurer

Rivka Jungreis, Secretary

Devora Delman, At-large Board member

Yosef Chaim Gershuny, At-large Board member

Shmuel Gluck,  At-large Board member

Amy Halickman,  At-large Board member

Susan Raskind,  At-large Board member

817 Cooper Landing Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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